NOAA Weather Radio

Last Updated: 5/22/2024 with the addition of KAE42 Providence Forge, VA

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Notes for NWR DXers:

Column Key:
State – Two letter postal abbreviation.
Station – Usually official city/location of license. May be primary area served on occasion.
Location – Site location when known. Generally speaking, this will be a town or township, or a neighborhood within a city. 
Dir – Actual transmitter direction/heading from location named in location column, where known. May also indicate “Dntn” for “Downtown” or “Ctrl” for the central part of the named location.
Site – Physical site of the transmitter when known. May be an AM/FM/TV broadcast site, FAA-registered tower, building, or point of interest searchable on Google Maps.
Call (key) – Call sign of the transmitter. (Key) indicates that this record is the primary key in the database; it has no impact on the NWR data.
Frq – 162.*** MHz frequency where *** represents 400, 425, 450, 475, 500, 525 or 550.
Power – Power output when known.
Office – National Weather Service office responsible for the broadcast feed.
Notes – Station simulcast marked as //[call sign of origin station]. Other notes should be self-explanatory.