Weather Radio Info

In the 2000s and early 2010s, was one of the most popular NOAA Weather Radio and Weatheradio Canada resources on the ‘Net. The website was sold in 2014, but the new owner did not continue to maintain the website. By 2020, the site redirected to another domain which also appeared to no longer be maintained.

The original owner of the site is back and is working to restore as much of the site as possible. It has become much more difficult to obtain weather radio information, and with the proliferation of cell phones and other means of receiving weather notifications, both the National Weather Service and Environment Canada have expressed some interest in a phase-out of weather radio broadcasts in the years to come.

Nevertheless, there remains fan interest in the weather broadcasts, both in their current iteration and for historical information. This site is back. It will never be quite like it was in its heyday, but there are some changes and improvements in the works. As of May 2023, the station listing has been updated with the latest available data.

For now, you can browse the following resources:

Change Tracking (post from 5/19/2023, since updated)