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NOAA Weather Radio News

The San Diego (marine), CA; Milano, TX; and Pinedale, WY transmitters have been commissioned.

The Springfield, CO; Walsenburg, CO; Finland, MN; and Livingston, MT transmitters have been commissioned.
The Russell Hill, TN and Jackson, WY transmitters have changed frequency to 162.525 MHz.
The Milano, Mineral Wells, and Springfield (all Texas) transmitters are on the air.
The Muskogee, OK transmitter is on the air (replaces the Vian NWR).

The Fort Ransom, ND transmitter has been commissioned.
The Finland, MN station is on the air.
The Holden Hill, NH and Rutland County, VT transmitters appear to be on the air; no other information is available.
A website visitor reported that transmitters are on the air in Crescent City, CA; Limon, CO; and Castledale, UT.  No additional information is known.
The Plainview and Summerfield (both Texas) transmitters are expected on the air soon.
The NWS Billings website shows a transmitter on the air in Livingston, MT on 162.525 MHz; no other information is available.
The Springfield and Walsenburg (both Colorado) transmitters are on the air.

The Mt. Jefferson, NC transmitter coverage map has been added to the official site -- WNG-587 on 162.525 MHz.
New transmitters are on the air in Fort Ransom, ND and San Diego, CA.   The San Diego transmitter carries a marine broadcast.

Transmitters have been commissioned in Bridgeport, CA, Adrian, MI, Long Prairie, MN, Pine City, MN, St. Cloud (Clearwater), MN, and Rochester (Spencerport), NY.

The Clearwater, Long Prairie, and Pine City, Minnesota transmitters are on the air!

The Vian, OK; Russell Hill, TN; and Davis Peak, WA transmitters are now considered "official", although it is unknown if they have been commissioned.

The Bethel, AK; Davis Peak, WA; and Gillette, WY NWR transmitters are on the air!   (The Davis Peak transmitter was not previously listed on this site.)
The Cassville, MO transmitter will broadcast on 162.525 MHz.

The Warsaw, ND; Windsor, NC; and Newcastle, WY transmitters have been commissioned!
The Arab, AL and Buck Mountain (formerly Badin) transmitter frequencies have been changed.  (Arab - 162.475 to 162.525, Buck Mountain 162.425 to 162.500).
The Raleigh/Durham transmitter is now officially listed as "Chapel Hill".    The Spencer, WV transmitter has been moved to Garfield, WV.

Two more transmitters are on the air!
Warsaw, NC (162.425 MHz, KXI95)
Newcastle, WY (162.475 MHz, WNG661)

The following transmitters have been commissioned:
Lake Bronson, MN (162.525 MHz, WNG583, 300 W, NWS Grand Forks)
Waubun, MN (162.450 MHz, WNG610, 300 W, NWS Grand Forks)
Gore Mountain, NY (162.450 MHz, KSC43, 300 W, NWS Albany)
Henderson, NC (162.500 MHz, WNG586, 300 W, NWS Raleigh)
Georgetown, SC (162.500 MHz, WNG628, 300 W, NWS Wilmington NC)

The Woodward, OK station now broadcasts at 1000 watts!

New stations will be on the air soon in El Paso, Milano, Mineral Wells, Plainview, and Summerfield, Texas!  The El Paso transmitter will have a Spanish-only broadcast.


The Gore Mtn., NY transmitter is on the air!
The Gregg Knob, WV transmitter frequency is 162.500 MHz.   It was originally listed as 162.425 MHz by the NWS, but could not have used that frequency as the channel is occupied by WXM-43 (Frostburg, MD).

The Sugarloaf Mtn., ME; Denton, TX; Gregg Knob/Terra Alta, WV; and Morgantown, WV are on the air and commissioned.
The Lake Bronson, MN; Waubun, MN; and Roxboro, NC transmitters are on the air.
    The Terra Alta, WV transmitter and the Frostburg, MD transmitter are located fairly close together and are on the same frequency; the Terra Ala frequency may end up being changed.

The Cavalier, ND; Langdon, ND; New Town, ND (Stanley/Belden); Willow City, ND; and Coudersport, PA transmitters have been commissioned.

The Cutler, ME transmitter may have been moved to Jonesboro.   No confirmation is available except that the official coverage maps list the transmitter under Jonesboro (with a transmitter site at Cutler) and the official listing has the same station listed at both Cutler and Jonesboro.

A new NWR transmitter is on the air in the Gainesville, TX area, broadcasting at 1000 watts from Muenster.

The Stanley/Belden, ND transmitter is on the air!
The Browning, MT transmitter has been taken off the air.

The Princeton, FL; Cutler, ME; Greenville, ME; Dixon, MO; and Aiken, SC transmitters have been commissioned.
The Walsenburg, CO transmitter is off the air (it may have never signed on).

The Princeton, FL and Coudersport, PA transmitters are on the air!

The Arab, AL; Marvell, AR; Horse Cave, KY; Bartlesville, OK; and Kaycee, WY transmitters have been commissioned.
The Cutler, ME; Greenville, ME; and Dixon, MO transmitters are on the air!

The Ukiah, CA; Burley, ID; Sandusky, MI; Albion, NE; and Hickman, TN transmitters have been commissioned.
The Avalon, CA and Sweetwater, TX transmitters have changed frequency -- Avalon from 162.525 MHz to 162.500 MHz, Sweetwater from 162.475 MHz to 162.425 MHz.
The Burns, OR; Manti, UT; and Cle Elum, WA transmitters have changed power -- Burns from 300 W to 130 W, Manti from 300 W to 150 W, and Cle Elum from 40 W to 75 W.
The Point Arena/Ukiah, CA transmitter (KIH-30) is now listed as "Point Arena, CA" since there is a separate transmitter for the Ukiah area (WNG-593).

The Hickman, TN transmitter is on the air.
The Albion, NE transmitter has its own programming (it no longer rebroadcasts the Columbus, NE signal).

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