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NOAA Weather Radio

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Station Lists and News
BASIC STATION LIST - List of NOAA Weather Radio stations, including the station (nearest major city, if applicable), the call sign, the frequency in Megahertz, the broadcast power in watts, and the National Weather Service office that programs the station.

List of NOAA Weather Radio stations, with latitude/longitude, elevation, antenna height, transmitter location map, etc.  

EXPANSION STATIONS - List of proposed, planned, and in progress additions to the NOAA Weather Radio network.

RECENT CHANGES - A list of recent changes to the NOAA Weather Radio network.

Discussion Group
This list is designed for people who are interested in all aspects of NOAA Weather Radio and/or Weatheradio Canada. Information on new stations, changes to existing stations, equipment reviews as well as station reception information are welcome, along with postings related to programming details and other topics related to weather radio broadcasts.  Send a message to [email protected] to join.   The list is maintained by Matthew Sittel.

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