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WeatheRadio Canada

Welcome to, your source for weather radio news and information!


Basic Listing

Listing of WeatheRadio Canada stations, including the station (nearest major city, if applicable), the call sign, the frequency in Megahertz, the broadcast power in watts, the origin of the broadcast, and the language of the broadcast.
Last update on 6/19/2002.  There has not been any recent news regarding WeatheRadio Canada stations.


Enhanced Listing

Listing of WeatheRadio Canada stations, with latitude/longitude, power, etc.   Includes marine transmitters.
Updated 10/29/2002 with transmitter coordinate maps!
Last update on 4/19/2003 to add three new marine transmitters.

Send me any updates you have, as I rarely receive any updates regarding the WeatheRadio Canada network,
and have only been able to listen to a few stations on two trips to Canada.

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